by Kathy McCoubrey
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 I remember the day so vividly
Some people came to look at me.
"A lovely pup," my breeder said,
"But not for show, not to be bred."

"That's fine with us," the people agreed.
"A loving companion is all we need."
And somehow I knew from the first day we met,
I would be their friend, not just their pet.

They take me for walks all over town.
I never pull. I sit. I down.
I try to remember every rule.
I graduated from obedience school.

I see the dog who lives next door,
Runs away now more and more.
I must admit that I'm appalled.
I was taught to come when called.

There was a dog across the way,
Whose owners turned him loose each day.
His exploits seem to give them pride.
He was hit by a car and then he died.

Again the dog from up the street
Is running loose and she's in heat.
She'll get bred before she's found
And her pups will end up in the pound.

But my owners have tried to guarantee
That those things will never happen to me.
I won't produce pups that are mixed.
Our yard is fenced and I've been fixed.

I'm proud to say as I look at my life,
It's full of love and free of strife.
I'm always welcome anywhere
And all because my owners care.

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