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located halfway between Gainesville and Warrenton, VA
Member National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors


Due to time limitations, not all classes are offered each session. However, private lessons at any level pf obedience, conformation, agility, or for behavior modification can be arranged to suit your schedule.

Important Information About Private Lessons

1. Private lessons are $35 for a half hour session and $45 per half hour for dogs with aggression issues. You may prepay for 5 lessons for $150, a $25 saving. There are NO REFUNDS. Please note, I have chosen to not work with dogs with serious aggression towards people. I feel the liability issues are just too great.

2. Private lessons are scheduled at your convenience. Once you reserve a time, that half hour slot will be set aside for you. If you are unable to make the appointment, please let me know as soon as possible so I can use it for another client. Failure to notify me 24 hours in advance that you will not be coming will result in the loss of that lesson unless there is an actual emergency. An emergency would be illness of dog or person, car problem etc. I try to be flexible but I am unable to accept an emergency every week.

3. Your session starts at the time you reserve. If you reserved 10 AM on Thursday, that is when your lesson starts. If you do not arrive until 10:25 you have wasted 25 minutes of your lesson. I allow a little leeway for traffic, weather etc. but please plan to arrive a few minutes early rather than late. I am unable to accommodate extreme tardiness as it will affect the next client's lesson.

4. In general, the 5 sessions should be a week apart. All 5 sessions must be used within a 12 week period unless there is severe weather or an illness.

5. If the session involves the entire family the parents must exercise appropriate control over children. Children may not wander off, play on the agility equipment, or continuously interrupt the session. It is important for children to participate in training the dog if they are old enough to do so. Even very young children can learn to interact with a dog in ways that will not lead to rough or aggressive play.

6. Please wear comfortable clothing including flat-soled shoes.

7. Bring special treats (dog food is not a special treat), a toy, a water dish, buckle collar, and 4 to 6' web or leather lead. Do not feed a meal just before a training session. The dog will be more motivated if he is a little hungry.

8. You are expected to clean up after your dog. You may bring a plastic bag or scoops are available for use.

9. Additional clickers are available at $2.00 each.

10. If you have questions about your lesson, please feel free to call me or email me. I want you and your dog to be successful.

Please be sure you have read and understand these policies before enrolling for private sessions.
Kathy McCoubrey 540-349-9265

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