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by Kathy McCoubrey
 At obedience class last Tuesday,
Our instructor let us know,
If we trained our dogs with diligence
Results would really show.

I guess I missed on Wednesday
Though my intentions were the best.
I came home from work exhausted
And I had to get some rest.

Thursday would be better.
On this I was quite firm.
But my hair looked limp and lifeless
So I went to get a perm.

Friday I was really psyched.
I'd train without a doubt.
But my husband messsed my plans up
When he offered dinner out.

At least I had the weekend,
But all it did was rain.
And certainly a soggy yard
Is not the place to train.

My plans were made for Monday.
Training would be fun.
But my house sure needed cleaning
So I had to get that done.

And once again it's Tuesday
And with a heavy heart,
I watch the others doing well.
How come my dog's not that smart?

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